OWLED 2014

11th OWL Experiences and Directions Workshop

17th – 18th October 2014, Riva del Garda, Italy 

The aim of the OWL: Experiences and Directions Workshop (OWLED) is to establish an international forum for the OWL community, where practitioners in industry and academia, tool developers and others interested in OWL can describe real and potential applications, share experience and discuss requirements for language extensions/modifications. OWL has become the representational model of choice for supporting interoperability in many industries. This has been made possible thanks also to the development of numerous OWL reasoning systems that efficiently deal with both intensional (ontologies) and extensional (data) query answering. In this edition we aim to bridge the gap with the reasoner evaluation community and welcome the submission of papers describing challenging ontologies and or tasks to be represented in OWL and processed by OWL reasoners. It also welcomes proposals for improving the OWL 2 standard.

This year, OWLED will take place on October 17th and 18th 2014, just before ISWC 2014 at the Riva del Garda Fieracongresso, Riva del Garda, Italy. As usual, the workshop will try to encourage participants to work together and will give space for discussions of various topics as well as having presentation of submissions.